end to end solution through system integration

We serve to help you focus on making the changes that will help your business grow and create better and positive impacts while improving the experience for your users.

Our services include a unified collaboration between multiple disciplines and industry skills. We constantly perfect our technological capacities and expertise to meet what our collaborators desire and the people need.

solution design

Catering need through business impact

d.School is a department of BRAC IT dedicated to designing creative solutions that elevate customer experiences. Creating experiences that draw people in and keep them coming back is critical to your success. This strategy requires a keen understanding of what the people need, the right resources, and the correct application.

We'll help you improve your customer experience by designing a framework that points out where and how to wow people. We will work with you to design, develop, and launch products and services that deliver genuine experience and build strong customer relationships by identifying growth opportunities through design and data-driven experimentation.

software development

Robust solutions, scalable & high transaction-proof

A company's ability to rapidly develop and compete in a changing business and technological environment is determined by its technology strategy. The software enables technologies to be resilient and thus, shield them from future shock. We will co-create with you the designs and develop products for every platform, including web and mobile, enterprise, and customer-facing. With BRAC IT, you can also avail cloud management, analytical engine and solution services. We do this by bringing to the table a team of 170 developers who expertise in world-class software development, result-driven strategy, and years of experience.

IT managed services

Tailor-made IT support, dependable & hassle-free

As the new normal demands better and more efficiency in business, you need a higher level of technological agility and robustness to make your business future-proof. We'll help you manage your IT requirements so you can focus on what your business does best. We will provide expert support and service for your network that justifies your goals and budget. The business benefits of managed services in combination with the money you can save makes managed IT service a smart solution for companies of any size.

why brac IT for your business challenges? here are just a few of the many reasons.


Our thorough research identifies behavioral and attitudinal details to drive better results.


User-oriented software amplifies successful tactics, facilitating them to ensure business optimization.


Our tailor-made, dependable & hassle-free IT support intends to ensure technological agility and robustness to make business future-proof.